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 Deliverable name


 Interim Activity report [LINK]


 Periodic Report [LINK]

 Interim Activity report (to be revised/accepted)


 2nd Periodic report & associated Review Meeting (to be revised/accepted)


 Final Report (including the Final plan for the use and dissemination foreground) (yet to be submitted)


 Report on the distribution of the Community financial contribution between the beneficiaries (yet to be submitted)


 3rd Periodic Report & associated Review Meeting (yet to be submitted)


 Establish the CORDO set of dictionaries. [LINK]


 VPH Annotation Requirements Report. [LINK]


 VPH Technical Infrastructure Requirements Report. [LINK]


 VPH Interoperability Plan Study Report delivered to the VPH NoE’s ToolKit Development and  Standards and Data Working Groups (yet to be submitted)


 Technical report on VPH-wide annotation types applicable to RICORDO. [LINK]


 Guidelines to optimise the strategy of VPHDM annotation in order to maximise interoperability  (yet to be submitted)


 Report on effectiveness of annotation produced by RICORDO WP6-8, to inform VPH toolkit  strategy (yet to be submitted)   


 Data exchange strategy specification. Formal document specifying the overall VPH data exchange  strategy and relevant components. [LINK]


 Test set of RICORDO equivalence linkages and associations. [LINK]


 Documentation of prototype RICORDO repository and web-based query system [LINK]


 Documentation of improved RICORDO repository with computational access and query system  with interactive query construction (to be revised/accepted)


 Update management strategy report (yet to be submitted)


 Report on composite annotation architecture. [LINK]


 Report on composite annotation methodologies for the VPH using CORDO Dictionary IDs (yet to  be submitted)


 Requirements specifications for interoperability of volumetric data and models in VPH. [LINK]


 Use Case Prototypes; covers M6.1.1, M6.2.2 and M6.3.2 (to be revised/accepted)


 Standardisation recommendations for integration of volumetric data and models in VPH; covers  M6.1.2, M6.2.3, M6.3.3 and M6.4.1 (yet to be submitted)


 Report on subcellular localisation prediction tools for computational pipeline. [LINK]


 Report on the integration of subcellular prediction methods with the location annotation pipeline  and its application to the GWAS data (to be revised/accepted)


 Report on the finalized version of the protein subcellular location pipeline (to be revised/accepted)


 Report on the molecule-to-anatomy integration strategy (to be revised/accepted)


 An SBML and a CellML model encoded with CORDO dictionary IDs that are also mapped to gene  expression data derived from corresponding anatomical locations (yet to be submitted)


 Report on the systems-level model annotation strategy (yet to be submitted)


 Report on RICORDO project website. [LINK]


 Scientific and public dissemination report (yet to be submitted)


 RICORDO training report, comprising at least one RICORDO training workshop (yet to be submitted)



Date of meeting Documents
25th Mar 2011 1st Annual Review Presentations
23rd Apr 2012 2nd Annual Review Presentations



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